Monday, March 21, 2011

Last week's game news!

   Hey! Sorry, the post is a bit outdated as I was quite busy for the last three days, but still here it is!

Crysis 2… almost out!
                You better get ready for that, Crysis 2 is almost out, there’s just a couple of days left before they finally release it, let’s hope it doesn’t fail to earn enough money for developers as the first one failed hard to do so, even though Crysis 1 was really innovative, graphics were ultimate for the time it was made and the scales of battle were indeed epic, the gameplay wasn’t really very good and you needed hi-end machine to run it with at least 30-40 fps with all high options.
                Since then, a lot of progress have been made. Developers have considered their mistakes and made a sequel to the first part with everything that was a problem for Crysis 1 fixed! Crysis 1 was a bit boring in fact, you didn’t really feel everything that was going on in the game, sometimes there was nothing going on at all and the game was really short. So get yourself ready, and here’s a video teaser:

                IGN released a video where we can see the actual gameplay of Rage. For me, it looks really good, guns look like something from a sci-fi movie and the gameplay looks intense. Let’s hope it’s going to be as good as it looks like in the video when it will get released.

Red Faction: Armageddon
                From this video we can see one of the modes from Red Faction: Armageddon, looks pretty impressive! I’ve always been a fan of destroying everything I see, that’s why I very much enjoyed Red Faction series and Crysis – destruction. You can demolish every building you see in the game! Enjoy the video!

L.A. Noire or I wish I had PS3.
                L.A. Noire, another game besides Killzone 3 and Heavy Rain that makes you wish you had a PS3. Great graphics, great storyline, great actor work – it’s all there, you’ll simply feel like you’re living a life of a detective. Here’s the video:

Killzone 3
                I know, I know, Killzone is already out and those who wanted it already bought it, but I just can’t help myself and want to post those videos of gameplay from the game.

Endless development going to end or Duke Nukem: Forever
                It is unbelievable, but this endless development of classic shooter from the 90s “Duke Nukem” is going to an end, and, on the 3rd of Mai for USA and the 6th of Mai for Europe we’re going to finally meet the man who long ago ran out of gum and has balls of steel – Duke Nukem… again! Hell yeah!

The next generation of graphics.
                Check out this unreal engine 3 demo video, really breathtaking!

TESV: Skyrim
                Great news! The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is going out on the 11th of November 2011. Here’s the gameplay video where we can see a really upgrades graphics since the TES4, this is going to be big!

Bioshock: Infinite
                Check out this hell of a trailer for the new Bioshock! Waiting for sure!


  1. Rage looks really interesting

  2. I'm thinking about getting a job, just to buy a new computer for Crysis 2

  3. Your last posts are good! keep it going and post more my friend :)

  4. Rage looks amazing. Nice post, followed.

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