Saturday, April 2, 2011


Hello everyone! There's more and more of you guys, who follow me and I'd like to follow everyone back, but there's a problem, I don't see links to your blogs in your profile or anywhere. A question: is there a way to find your blogs any other way, am I missing something?

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Battlefield 3 - new gameplay released.

Exactly as it says, they released a couple of new gameplay trailers of BF3 not so long ago, pretty impressive. Graphics are really good and I'm just really happy they are going that deep in story, we might have a new Modern Warfare!

Lord of the rings: War in the north

I personally think there are more than enough games made by the LOTR story, but they still keep releasing those games! So there's LoTR: War in the north action / RPG to come out quite soon (this summer). Here's the video.

Mass Effect 2 - The new and final DLC

Mass Effect 2 Arrival is the final DLC, time to develop Mass Effect 3 now!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I think I'm posting too much

From now on, I will be posting all the stuff I find interesting only once a week, every friday. The more posts I make per day, the messier it gets. I'd just like to keep it clean so you wouldn't get lost in all the content. :)

Just a couple of my favs from The Lonely Island

As it says! ;)

Radioactive cloud from Japan

Russian experts detected a big radioactive cloud moving towards Kamchatka which was possibly created by explosion on Fukushima-1 NPP in Japan after series of earthquakes. Cloud is supposed to reach Russian territory not earlier than tomorrow.

Yeah, people, that sucks. I am really sorry for those living in Japan, for those who lost a lot lately because of the tsunami and earthquake on 11th of March. And with those reactors ready to free huge amounts of radiation it is getting even worse. Lets just hope it's not going to be the second Chernobyl!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution release shifted again

          Release date to a prequel of old, well known Deus Ex is shifted again! Hell, I hate when they do that! At first they changed the release date to April and now it's going to be out only on August 23rd in USA and 26th in Europe. Fans have been waiting for a really long time for this, a masterpiece just like the original game was. I seriously hope they won't do the same as Blizzard did with Diablo 3 release.
          For those of you who haven't yet seen its beautifully made trailers, here you go:

Watch in full screen 720p!

Battlefield 3 coming soon!

Around a week ago, guys from GameSpawn posted an epic trailer of Battlefield 3. I just got no words to say, it is really freaking epic! Check out the video and I guess you will understand what I am so happy about!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Total Influence Online

                 Last week I was in a search for something I could play as I was really bored and in need for something new and interesting, something that wouldn’t bore me even more with its installation process which would take over 9000 hours and I stumbled upon that game called “Total Influence Online”.
                Once we started playing it, it was quite hard to quit, game really gets you. If you are not familiar what is playing for 12 hours – you better get prepared, a friend of mine played it for 15 hours straight, doing breaks only for food. :) Developers simply took best part out of fallout 2 and put it into an online game. It is an online turn-based tactical shooter, who’d have believed that the idea would be so much fun?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Scientists learned the way of recording cells in 3d!

Scientists learned that cells can be recorded in 3d in quite a big resolution provided there's enough light to do so. Check out this video below.

The first post in my blogspot!

Exactly as it says, this is the first post I wanted to start posting in this blog with. In this blog I plan posting game and movie reviews, screenshots and videos. Maybe some tech reviews, car photos... well.. we'll see some time later. For now you may want to check out links under my "friends", welcome to my blog and thank you!