Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Total Influence Online

                 Last week I was in a search for something I could play as I was really bored and in need for something new and interesting, something that wouldn’t bore me even more with its installation process which would take over 9000 hours and I stumbled upon that game called “Total Influence Online”.
                Once we started playing it, it was quite hard to quit, game really gets you. If you are not familiar what is playing for 12 hours – you better get prepared, a friend of mine played it for 15 hours straight, doing breaks only for food. :) Developers simply took best part out of fallout 2 and put it into an online game. It is an online turn-based tactical shooter, who’d have believed that the idea would be so much fun?

                IMHO, the worst part of it is when you’ve just began playing and aren’t really used to the gameplay. With no idea of how to play it in order to win, you will lose very often until you work out your own tactics with each kind of weapon.
                Size of this game is indeed small – it’s only around 79 mb at the moment (game is still in the process of development and updates occur quite often), takes just a couple of minutes to set it up.
If you ever played Fallout 1 and 2 or Ultima Online, you will be similar with this type of graphics – it’s all in 2d. Still, as the graphics are kind of outdated for today, they don’t look that bad. If you want something to play, you have nothing but your laptop with you and you’re bored – this is the best thing for wasting huge amounts of time and having fun.

Unfortunately, the website of this game hasn’t yet been translated to English, although there is an option to install the English version of the game. So if you wish to play it, you can follow these steps in screenshots, the website is :
 I really hope that after reading this post you will not have an urge to vomit as this is my first review.


  1. That sounds fucking awesome. I'm a huge fan of the fallout series

  2. Sounds like a great game. FOllowed!

  3. Sweeett. I love the Xcom/ jagged alliance games. I just hated thos pesky Time Units. Im deffintly going to give this a try.. im curently playing oblivion. so it might be a while.